Thoughts on Japan

I don’t think I ever associated sound with a place but Japan would be running water. Whether it’s a river, stream, chozuya (temple/shrine’s water pavilion), sewage system, rain and even the tiniest gardens have a fountain. It’s a constant sound wherever I went. A soothing sound.

China would be the music (traditional?), India is honking horns. I’m getting off course…


The amount of products for anime shows are both alarming, fascinating and disgusting. People buy all this? Americans are not much better with Disney or whatever but I haven’t seen it presented in all one large place before. There’s a lot of stores that sell more or less the same merchandise. I saw a line for some hot dog place because it came with something for that volleyball anime that’s super popular now. Sadly very little video game merchandise except for some slime and Tales of.

Strip clubs, looking at porn in the convenience store, maid cafes, sushi girl fetish figure in vending machine… Yeah. Sex is all around though I don’t know if it’s a subject people talk about? Anime shops can be awkward when you turn the corner or walk to the next floor to find the adult section. And it occurred to me, do they have an adult section for the ladies? I mean they have a few shows for women with a male cast but it’s more romantic in nature and very tame compare to what a female cast would do.


Men in suits. Yes, please! /Swoon. Yeah, I see a few in NYC but not many. Japan has a ton of young professionals in suits that it’s clear we Americans have become sloppy dressers.

The ladies of course are also well dressed. They even wear a skirt when it is cold enough for snow! I feel underdressed for Asia. I hope to carry over their dress code back home. Winter is not a great time to start though. Wishful thinking…

Cell phone charms. Enough said right? 🙂

It’s hard to find trash cans. Recycling cans yes, usually by a vending machine.

Can you drink in public? Maybe? It’s okay on trains but there’s also beer vending machines on the street… hmm…

Ramen varies with noodles and broth but toppings are the same. Usual pork based. I ate way too much ramen.


Trains are on time and clean. Even buses are on time and that’s just weird. Some buses even have monitors to announce the stops which makes you wonder why don’t all buses have it? And why can the US have trains? Affordable trains. Train traveling is amazing. I love watching the landscape change.

There’s a large variety of trees, way more than back home in my area and so the trees don’t change colors at the same time. It makes a less impressive display of colors. You really cherish the two trees that are colored. There’s also ever green trees which is nice for winter.

I love the gardens! Tiny ones that you find everywhere. The tiniest of gardens near shops or homes. No place too small!


Pretty hair ties. Why wear a plain jane one when it can be pretty? I kept that spending spree under control. So many hair things!

Japanese Hair Ties

Japanese are over foreigners. It’s the most westerners I’ve seen on this trip. Or maybe the Japanese are semi interested but don’t feel confident with English? Definitely met a few locals who tried the usual conversation starters.


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  1. Christine Galica October 28, 2016 — 4:16 pm

    Ramennnnn 😁


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