Tokyo, Day 4

It’s raining again softly, a mist. I leave late again, enjoying staying in bed, not needing to rush to check in and out another hostel. As I’m walking, I realize I never noticed the Skytree Tower looming in the distance before. Reminds me of walking around New York City with the Empire State Building.

I’m going toward Asakusa. I stick to the covered shopping arcades as it’s drier that way. Wearing socks this time, I try to find the shoe store I was at yesterday to try on boots. I walk up and down a couple sections that are familiar to me but I can’t find it. Oh well. Not meant to be! They were super cute too…

Untitled Untitled

I stop for lunch at a some chain restaurant. I take the combo meal because I’ve been eating very poorly. I keep thinking of sushi breakfast but never get out of bed early enough. I don’t feel like planning the rest of the trip, even the weekend at Nikko. I do need some time for nothing but remind myself that soon I won’t be traveling and there will be plenty of nothing.

Untitled I’m dreading going back home because I don’t know what I want to do with my career, my life. Vaguely hoping the trip would give inspiration or some more confidence in moving forward with design but I feel none of it.

Ugh. Why is it so cold today? I could use gloves but I don’t want to buy any when I have five pairs at home.

A quick metro ride and I arrive at Akihabara, nerd central. I’m oddly greeted by a giant Evangelion poster. They’re not starting up the series again, are they? I walk up and down the main street here, peaking into the shops. Sometimes I walk through the store, level after level of stuff. Comics and dvds don’t do much for me as I can’t understand a word of it.

Geeking out in Tokyo isn’t much better than Osaka. Most of my interests are too old. There’s the occasional Final Fantasy VII item, slimes of course and the Sailor Moon revival. Sometimes there a Natsume thing (!!!) and some other stuff that I recognize but not a fan of. There’s Star Wars, too, as the movie is coming soon. It still surprises me how much of this crap is manufactured. Kind of a waste really but with store after store people must really buy it.

UntitledUntitled Untitled

I’m not sure what else to do but I’m not ready to go back to the hostel. I hop on the metro again to go to Roppongi. I remember reading that it’s trendy with good, if not shady, nightlife.

Guide books’ description of Roppongi isn’t what I thought. Who knows what decade they are describing. There’s a Hard Rock Cafe. I thought it would have more mom n pop shops, bars and clubs. Maybe I didn’t walk through the right streets. Whatever. It’s cold and I walked enough. I see Tokyo Tower peaking out of the skyline, illuminated. I’m glad I got to see it this time, too, even from a distance. Last time I was much closer and took a bunch of pictures. I didn’t bother going back to that area as I should try to see more of Tokyo but I seem to keep running into the same places.

Untitled IMG_0267

I wonder if I’ll find myself in Japan again. Although I went to new places, somehow I still feel I’ve been to only the usual tourist stops. There’s a ton of islands to Japan. I considered taking a 20 hour ferry from Tokyo to some island but you’re stuck there for a week. Also thought about Okinawa as the flights weren’t too bad. Then there’s Hokkaido… But if I think it’s cold now, well going north won’t be much better. Maybe next time and I hope there is a next time.

Another metro rides takes me back to the hostel and more food. I need to plan things tonight but I’m not in the mood.

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