Tokyo Temples & Skytree

It is so nice out today. So refreshing!

Nearby is a section called Asakusa and then across the river is Tokyo Skytree. Asakusa is suppose to be a little more old fashion than other sections of Tokyo, which only can mean there is a temple.

I decide to go the traditional route via Nakamise shopping street via another shopping street. It’s almost as bad as all the shopping strips at home. 🙂 I look into some of the shops. I saw a really nice pair of waterproof boots. Unfortunately, I’m not wearing any socks to try them on properly. But tomorrow I will bring socks! I’m also looking for another kokeshi to pair up with one I have at home. I saw one that was kind of cool and not $50 but decide to sleep on it anyway. I’m not that far and there’s still time.

The Kaminari Gate is straight ahead and really hard to miss. Everyone had the same idea today and the place is packed. I skip the shops for now… Well, almost. There’s a line and I stop for a snack, some kibidango(?) and warm sake.

IMG_0256 IMG_0257IMG_0258 Untitled

Now I head straight for Sensoji Temple. I approach the main hall but kept my distance as there are a lot of worshippers. I look back to see the cloud of smoke from all the incense. I leave the temple behind to peek into the shops. I stop for ice cream because how can you not with the sun shining as it is?

IMG_0259 IMG_0260


I continue towards the Sumida River, taking in the view of the Skytree and Asahi Beer Tower.


Skytree looks a lot closer than it really is. I’ve come this far so I have to keep going. I see a group ahead of me probably doing the same thing so I follow them a couple blocks till the route is clear.

There’s floor after floor of shops and restaurants. In the outdoor space there’s a small Christmas market. The elevator ride to the top of the tower is Star Wars themed in anticipation of The Force Awakens.


I walk in and out of places wondering what I should eat and if there’s pajamas that are neither childish nor expensive. There’s a line outside some hot dog place. They are serving toppings and prizes based on a popular anime that I’ve never seen called Haikyuu! (Spoiler: I watch both seasons when I get back home and it’s good).



I strike out on all fronts. On the way home I stop in a take out place and get a tonkatsu meal. I passed a park a block back so I head over there to eat with a view of the Skytree. A couple kids are out playing and I’m hopping to not get hit by a ball or whatever. I probably look sad sitting here at a park at night eating dinner. Oh well, the joy of only visiting. There’s no way I was going to wait till I got to the hostel.

It’s getting colder. I pick up a hot drink on my way to the hostel.


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