Tokyo, Day 2

This morning I check out of the Airbnb. I think my roommate is too or her trip is ending? I hop on the metro to take my stuff over to Oakhostel Zen over by Ueno Park. It’s tucked away on a side street with a Family Mart on the corner. The hostel itself is a couple dollars more but way nicer. The female dorm is a large room, easily fitting twenty people. It’s not cramped at all and each bed has it’s own curtains, light and outlets. Bathrooms are nice too with separate showers. I spot this sign at the counter… 🙂


After that’s all settled, I want to explore the new neighborhood. I have a page from a guidebook about a walking tour of the area so I try following that. On the way, I realize that I’ve seen some of this the first time when our group took a bike tour of Tokyo couple years ago.

I walk through some back streets to Yanaka Rei-en, an old cemetery. Because why not walking through some old cemetery and talk to cats?  This one was particularly annoyed by my visit.


Past the cemetery, I continue on a couple interesting streets.

UntitledUntitled Untitled

Tired though, I start losing interest. I head back walking through Ueno Park this time. There’s an event here that I’m catching the end of it. I buy some meat on a stick but it’s surprisingly not that good. I feel I’ll be stoping by Family Mart on my way to the hostel.

Untitled Untitled

There’s a shrine and several museums in the park. Museums are all closed at this point. I walk around Shinobazu Pond and see the small shrine that’s there.

Untitled Untitled

I walk the length of the park back toward the hostel, a different path this time. I come across a giant whale near the Nature and Science Museum.


I’ve had enough for today. I grab whatever I could get on my way for dinner and get ready for tomorrow.

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  1. Christine Galica August 14, 2016 — 6:35 am

    That cat wasn’t having it 😂 !


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