Geeking Out in Tokyo

This morning I have a skype call with my parents. It was really great to hear their voices and I can’t wait to be home. Part of me of course still wants to travel, that this time was too short. I’m getting tired. Japan is tiring and I want to stay in one place for a little while.

I take a long time getting ready. Since it’s not raining, I fish out my skirt and oxfords. I use the red flower pin in my hair and feel better. It’s vain but sometimes clothes can improve your mood and outlook. I walk out into the streets, feeling good to be here. Although much larger, I can’t help feeling that Tokyo is dull by comparison. There’s a sameness but then again it’s only been two blocks. Ha.

Instead of taking the subway, I’m walking to Artnia– Square Enix’s store and cafe. It’s my nerd moment and it’ll have to make up for missing Ghibli Museum. So that’s it for the to do list. I’m taking the long way around so hopefully I get to see a lot of neat things on the way, okay?

I walk away from the Shibuya madness and stumble upon an event at Yoyogi National Stadium. I’m not sure what’s going on… maybe a concert? There’s some food stands and a ton of people milling about.


I cross over near the park and oh my god… There’s a Grease dance off at the park entrance. Glorious hair…! /Swoon. They’re drawing a crowd and honestly I could watch for hours. There’s two groups– One is more like the greasers and the other are more 1950s wear. This is so awesome!

IMG_0240IMG_0241 IMG_0242IMG_0244 IMG_0247

2015-11-22 14.32.33
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I continue to walk around Yoyogi Park. There’s so much activity here. Badminton, dancing, music, jump rope, cycling… Of which I take no photos of. 🙂

IMG_0249IMG_0250 IMG_0251

After a lap around the park, the greasers are still dancing out front. I continue back on the main road passing the entrance to Meiji Shrine and the trendy street for the youngins in Harajuku. The street is so packed I don’t bother trying to fight my way through for crepes. There’s a Tamagachi store here and I didn’t know that was still a thing?

Untitled Untitled

I think I see someone familiar which is really weird because honestly who would I know in Tokyo? It’s one of the university women I hung out with in Kyoto. I don’t say hello because I don’t want to be a creep.

Continuing onto another main street, I run into some protesters. I don’t know what it’s about. I make note to look it up later. (It’s something about getting dragged into US affairs if backup is needed and the people don’t want to get involved in that BS which is perfectly understandable.)


After all that, I arrive at Artnia. I’m ready to geek out! I take some photos outside and some security guy comes over to say photos aren’t allowed. What? I’m outside! Whatever, I have my photo.

It’s a small place with two rooms– one is mostly the cafe and the other is a display room for fancier items. I look around first, seeing one or two items I would buy but they are sold out. A lot of items in the cases are. And the Sephiroth is missing? I’m digging the music here, of course and flip through their catalog. CDs are expensive. $30+ Not used to that with CDs… /Sigh.

A little disappointed with the selection, I turn to food. The menu items have nerdy names and I giggle to myself over that. I order pancakes and they’re surprisingly good. Places like these at home you’d expect bad food.

IMG_0254Untitled Untitled

Then I decide I should continue my nerd tour and pick something up for a friend at the Pokemon store. It’s not walking distance so I go to the metro. I’m down in the station but not yet at the train when I see a line. Naturally I must stop and get in it. There’s very few misses with this theory and I’m rewarded with a creme filled pastry. Yum!


Am I eating nothing but sweets today? Yeah, but… yeah.

Now I’m ready for the train! Then I get a bit turned about but find the mall where Pokemon is and I have a bad feeling about this which is completely and utterly confirmed when I arrive to find the store closed. D’oh! /Sigh.

I’m pissed at myself because I’m out here for no reason. I walk around to find a seat and look at Christmas decorations. Today was a lot of walking and I’m tired.


I take the train back to the Airbnb. I want to make sure my things are backed up for tomorrow as I found a hostel to stay in for the rest of my time in Tokyo. It’s not in a hot spot of activity like Shibuya but there’s a couple metro lines that can get me anywhere. Bonus is if the pictures are right, it’s way nicer place.


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  1. I heard it’s best to go to Yoyogi on Sunday to see the greasers! True?


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