Goodbye Kyoto

I’m waiting for the train to Tokyo. The sun is out finally and it’s so usual. I can still see the mountain range around me and already know I will miss the sight. Tokyo is nothing but cement and lights. Nikko should be a bright spot and besides New Zealand will be full of nature.

Earlier I wanted to get something to eat but instead of a restaurant, I bought a couple things from Family Mart and sat at the river. Great decision, best way to spend the last moments in Kyoto; People dotting along the river, enjoying a quiet moment and eating their lunch.

Untitled UntitledIMG_0234

Eventually I left, taking in the last view of the mountains. I return to the hostel to collect my things, conversations start. First with a well traveled Frenchman, then with the hostel staff. Always as I’m meant to be leaving for somewhere, there are people to talk to.

Back at the train station, I let a couple trains pass hoping for a window seat but no luck. Such envy! After the first stop, a window seat is available and I run for it. Later a woman sits by me. I move my bags so it’s not in her way though she didn’t mind. Later she nudges me. Confused I turn and she says fuji. I turn and oh my! There it is, Mt Fuji! I didn’t think about the train passing it nor being that close to Tokyo already. It was surprisingly clear view. I’m two for two! Lucky!


I exit the station, unsure. Google maps sat there stubbornly sitting at Shinagawa Station. I walk this way and that… I do my best and spot a sign from the hostel’s directions. I’m going the right way and find it! Yes!

The hostel isn’t as nearly as nice as the ones in Kyoto but it’s a cheap place from airbnb. There’s a guy here who speaks English (Peter?). He reminds me to lock the door. Later a roommate shows up with a friend of the owner (?). He’s super friendly and knew of the NJ Nets.

My roommate later implies that he’s too friendly. Since the place isn’t booked up, us ladies are in the small room while a couple guys occupy the larger one. It’s cramped with bunk beds. I wonder where else I could stay when the weekend passes.

I leave the hostel to find dinner. It’s a little over whelming at first in contrast the the quiet day I had. Geez, I’m acting like I’ve never been to New York City before.

Suddenly energetic that I’m in Tokyo! Then a few minutes later I couldn’t remember where I was– that I was in Tokyo. Hahaha. I should go to bed early. Japan is tiring but fun to explore. Tokyo is louder and so many more people. Kyoto feels so small and cozy in comparison.


Shibuya is like Time Square– so crowded and full of everything. I’m not sure what to eat. There’s suppose to be a ramen place here… There’s a couple. I pick one and like in Kyoto, you select and pay at the machine in the entrance way. Unfortunately, I’ve had better. (No photo because I was trying to be cool.)

Full stomach nonetheless, I continue walking around. I meant to stop at Starbucks to take a proper photo of the famous giant crosswalk but I forgot. I also think I have one from before? Maybe? Anyway, that doesn’t happen ever.


So I walk and laugh at some of the America brands that are here because it’s unexpected and why ? There’s Outback Steakhouse. Fridays… Disney store is super cute. I stopped briefly in one store to look for a comb. I keep forgetting to buy a replacement. The store is closing though so no luck.


Anyway, I should sleep and figure out what I’m doing.



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  1. Christine Galica July 31, 2016 — 2:57 am

    A disney store! Lol


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