Cat Cafe

It’s another wet, crummy day. A good day for cats. I meet up with the Finnish woman who also thinks it’s a good day for cats.

We stop in a ramen place near the cafe where I saw a line of people yesterday. It’s one of those restaurants that you place your order and pay at a machine at the entrance and it appears at your table. The menu is simple but allows you to specify exactly how you want your ramen. Lean or fatty? Spicy or plain? Al dente or soft? Extra toppings? It’s busy today too and we each get our own single partitioned seat at a long counter. A few minutes later, a curtain is lifted and our bowls slide into view. That’s good ramen.


The other thing about this restaurant is they take toilet paper very seriously.

2015-11-19 17.40.39

Quite satisfied we walk over to the cat cafe. It’s a few minutes before it opens so we peer into the cafe like a bunch of creepers. Once inside we pay for our time and drink while the host goes over the rules. Then the fun begins! The cats are mostly sleeping… D’oh! They are super soft though! About half way through the time another person shows up. The host also comes by to annoy the cats, to kindly wake them up. 🙂 Some play, others sleep and one or two are crabby.

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After all that excitement, we agree that there must be sweets. I spied a long line the other day at a cafe on the main street. It must be good, no? We wait in line with the rest of them and look over the possibilities. There’s photos of some desserts in the stairwell leading up to the cafe. I see one that I want but it’s not on the menu or so I thought. I decided on one sundae with cake because how can you not want a little of both? It’s a trifle and it’s very good.



There wasn’t much more to the day. The adorable Airbnb is booked tonight so once again moving to another hostel near the one I started at a few blocks from Kyoto Station. It’s raining, of course. Wait with my heavy backpack for the bus or keep walking? No luck with the bus… But at least I know where I’m going.

There’s another trip out for food and then I settle in. I’m ready to shut off my light when I notice something… I quickly google what bed bugs look like. I’m not 100% sure but play it safe by leaving the cozy bed. I shower and change. I try sleeping in the common area. I do have another night here but in another room.



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  1. Christine Galica July 12, 2016 — 9:41 am

    Such a cute cat cafe. Those kitty’s seem like they are in heaven. 🙂


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