Kyoto in the Rain

Today I wake up early and try to do laundry. Try is the keyword. The machine is too complicated (and in Japanese). A woman comes in to use the sink and I ask her if she knows how to use it. She looks over the controls but ends up calling over someone else. It’s another woman I met yesterday when I dropped off my backpack.

She starts explaining the many settings and I stop her to ask if there’s preset settings. Alas, it doesn’t look like it. Aside from setting the water level, there’s how long you want the clothes to be washed, how many rinse cycles, how long the rinse should be, dryer setting and something else. We get it sorted out and the machine is going.

We talk for a bit. She’s from China and I tell her I visited in September for a month. She lives near Hong Kong. Her and her friend have plans to visit an onsen today. I mention the pottery class and cat cafe. She, too, is interested.

While waiting, I work on two blog posts with no hope of catching up anytime soon. Then it starts to rain when I’m ready to go out. The umbrella is well used since I bought it. I walk toward one of the restaurants I looked up… and, oh, there it is! The cat cafe appears without any effort. I look in but decide I should eat first. It was a poor decision as later the cafe is busy.

I continue back and forth through the covered shopping arcade for signs of food. I land at some small cheap place but has quite a few customers. I get some beef and rice dish. Not a fancy looking dish but good.


With the cat cafe busy, I go for dessert. The first place I look at, I thought ¥1,200 was too much for shaved ice.

In my walks, I can’t help trying to catch a few shots of all the amazing kimonos! No rain will stop them. All the colors–! Ah! I want to wear one too. /end fan girl squeals/ I’m being a creeper… The last one I thought I was being stealthy but totally got caught by the woman. Oops

2015-11-17-16.04.39-2Untitled UntitledUntitled

I go to the next place, ぎをん小森, which isn’t any cheaper. It seems fancy– take your shoes off fancy and sit in traditional tatami floored rooms. The menu is in Japanese, three photos and a lot of writing… Eep! The waitress lets me sweat for a minute and offers to get the English menu. Yes please!

I pick the warabimochi parfait that people online mention. It’s good but different as I’m still trying to fall for Asian desserts. The green tea ice cream was better than what I tried before and it is severed with a tiny pitcher of dark honey! There’s green tea cake and jelly. Some other jelly thing and red bean paste. Over all good. Glad I stopped in!


I check in on the cat cafe but it’s still busy. I walk around some more and look in at some shops. Do Japanese women wear pajamas? It’s hard to find any and when I do they’re these fuzzy things that a seven year old would wear. I was hoping to replace mine but they’ll just have to hold on till I get home. (That’s foreshadowing, ya know.)

Cute hair ties are my new thing. Japanese women are right. Why wear pain hair ties when they can be pretty? I have a bow and two flowers so far. So far! Ugh. I should stop now.

Japanese Hair Ties

Still full from lunch and dessert, I pick up a snack to hold me till tomorrow. I head back to the hostel unusually early for once. Catch up on journaling as I’m failing it.


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