Little town, It’s a quiet village

Nice day, yes?

I probably have 20 photos already of the Kamo River. It’s such a lovely spot and I’m still in awe of my new everyday sites.


I take a train and two buses to reach a village called Miyama. Miyama is famous for its traditional thatched roof farmhouses (kayabuki). Guides claim the buses are complicated. I hesitated but when reading the directions, it didn’t sound bad at all. Public transportation has been good so far.

In the end, getting there is alright. Most of the people arriving by train are going to the same place. I tag along and ask the driver about Miyama or the next stop… I know enough to say the stops and the drivers know enough to give directions or at least point.

So here I am.

IMG_0091IMG_0099 IMG_0102IMG_0104 IMG_0113IMG_0116 IMG_0118

I stalk a butterfly, then follow a small road downstream through another residential area.

IMG_0119 IMG_0124IMG_0126 IMG_0127

I stop at a park to eat lunch. There’s hiking areas somewhere around here too.

IMG_0136 IMG_0129IMG_0131 IMG_0134

I hit a dead end site wise and walk along the river (Yura River?) back toward Miyama. There’s a hiking trail on the other side but it seems like it hasn’t been used in sometime. My disappointment shows as I constantly peer over to see where the trail goes till I lose sight of it in the tall grass and trees. Too late to turn back now. However, it turns out for the best I as find the path blocked by a fence near the village. I would of had to walk all way the back and use the street anyway.

IMG_0137 IMG_0138IMG_0140 IMG_0143

The bus isn’t coming for another hour so I continue walking in the other direction where the bus will go to the train station. There’s mostly older people here visiting Miyama. It’s not a hot spot. One cafe and no convenience stores. Me hanging with the Aged, it’s no surprise.


IMG_0149 IMG_0152

It’s about here that I’m approached by a local. She curious as to how I know of this village. Internet of course! I let her know I like it very much. 🙂

IMG_0155 IMG_0158IMG_0159 IMG_0160

It’s still too early so I take another lap around Miyama for last photos.

IMG_0161 IMG_0162IMG_0165 IMG_0167IMG_0168

Check out this photographer and his adorable assistant! Kawaii! 🙂

IMG_0169IMG_0173 IMG_0174

At this point I’m done. I wait at the bus stop… Get on the first bus. And now things get tricky. There’s no other tourists to lead me so I try to remember the transfer point. I end up on the after school commute so it’s me and a bunch of students. My nerves settle as I get on the second bus and realize that it’s the right one. I wish I got a better seat to see the remaining views. I arrive at the train station soon enough as the light is fading. One more stop…

I’m at Kyoto station. They’re all decked out for Christmas and although I’m tired I make an effort to get some photos before going back to the Airbnb, a place closer to downtown.

Untitled Untitled

Let’s talk about that. When I checked in, the owner points out another person who checked in today as well. He enthusiastically shows me around with his limited English and miming. He’s adorable!

So back in my room from the day trip, I put my things away; making sure I have everything within reach that I need. I don’t want to rustle through my stuff when people might be sleeping later.

Anyway, she’s in the hallway and to be social instead instead of the shy jerk I am, I ask her if she’s going out for dinner. We end up walking through Pontocho Alley and stop at some Okonomiyaki place despite her temporarily living in Osaka. She’s from Finland and is tired of Japan’s “warm” weather.

After dinner we walk to Yasaka Shrine and get a peak of a geisha as we enter the old street in Gion. The night ends at Baskin Robbins of all places because most shops are closed and we want something sweet. If only they were this cute at home.

Untitled Untitled

And yes, the raspberry flavor was a poor choice for this cute deranged panda. 🙂


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