Shopping in the Rain

Every once in awhile you need a lazy day of doing nothing particular. That is today.

After waiting for the last possible moment, I get out of bed. Another quick pack up to transfer to yet another place to sleep. It’s an airbnb tonight that saves me. Slim pickings again.

It’s raining so I go shopping. There’s a lot of cute things I want but I’m exercising self control. Do I really need more stuff? No, but I want… So cute… Ah….

These budget department stores are so superior to ones back home. There’s a stationary section. You can make your own notebook with choice of covers and paper! Arts and craft section, too! Jewelry making! I make note of some; to come back for should I remember.

There’s a lot of cards out now for the upcoming new year. The past few years I’ve been sending out Christmas cards to my friends. There’s no way I’ll have time to do that when I’m home so I buy a bunch to send out from here.

I buy other things too.

Clothing… I was hoping to buy some cute tights but didn’t see any worth while. Most are for winter and aren’t much different than home. The shirts don’t seem to fit quite right so I skip them too.

I am amused by the dressing room etiquette. You leave your shoes outside the door. Either there will be one in the dressing room or an employee will give you a face cover. It’s like a tissue paper bag you wear over your face when trying on tops. This way your makeup or sweat won’t rub off onto the product.


That’s enough shopping for now. I really want a fancy dessert. (Nerd alert: too much anime/comics for me!) There’s a place I spotted earlier near one of the shops. It has a ridiculous display of sundaes. After ordering it takes longer than I expected to get it. Unfortunately, I have to rush as I need to make it to the Airbnb on time. Eep!


The hostel isn’t too far so I grab my stuff and stumble my way to the metro downtown. The host’s apartment is in a quiet residential area with the nearest attraction being Fushimi Inari. With free wifi in the metro (yay!) I send the host a quick message that I’m getting on the train but will arrive later than I thought. He mentioned meeting with someone soon after, so I let him know to go on ahead and I’ll wait.

When I get out of the station, he’s there to greet me. He leads me through narrow alleys parallel to the train tracks. Another turn into a dead end where his is the house. We gives me a quick tour and leaves to his other appointment. I don’t have a key yet so I sit and look up restaurants near by and ideas for tomorrow. Not much around here. I have snacks.

My host returns. He leads me to a large bedroom with ensuite bathroom where I’ll be staying and hands me a map of the area. I still need dinner so I opt for a convenience store chain I’ve never tried before. Snacks, drinks, chicken and potato croquette later, I walk back to the host’s home.

I’ve mention my interest in sake to the host in earlier exchange so we have a couple drinks. He tells me about the sake museum south of here. That sounds good for tomorrow.


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