Not really sure what to do today. The weather should hold so why not Arashiyama? It’s not my first time visiting the bamboo grove but I didn’t have much time to explore the rest of the area. There’s also a highly rated restaurant which will make a good lunch spot. I really need a solid meal.

I drop off my backpack at the next hostel near Gion. Arashiyama is a train ride away.

IMG_0037 IMG_0042

I cross the Togetsuko Bridge for some photos but go back again to walk along a path I saw near the Hozu River. There’s a group of the aged traveling through, all following the same dress code. The path dead ends at a temple, not surprising anyone. There’s a fee and I opt not to go. I take in the riverside view and watch all the boats pass by.

IMG_0044IMG_0045 IMG_0049IMG_0051 IMG_0052IMG_0054 IMG_0055

Turning around, I walk back over the bridge. It’s so crowded here today.


I find the bamboo grove but don’t manage to get any worthwhile photos. Despite the crowd, a man finds space for an easel. People often stop to see his progress.


I wind my way around the streets. There’s shrines and temples, shopping too, but I’m not in the mood.

UntitledUntitled Untitled

I am in the mood for food. There’s a line outside the restaurant on a quiet cul de sac. There’s no hostess here except for a pad of paper where you write your name and number of guests. The restaurant closes early so I hope I get a spot. After a while I do. The restaurant is small and I’m ready to order some Kobe beef. So good!


Now I have the energy to go on. I start wandering through the streets without a particular destination in mind. I figure I’d circle over to the Daikakuji Temple as the map looks park like over there. As I keep walking, I leave behind the tourist area. I’m both surprised and amused by the small farms.


I check google and see there’s a small road I can take instead of the main street. I can’t resist when I see much things on a map. 🙂 I love this!

IMG_0069IMG_0070 Untitled

I come across this trio having a blast. The dog, the people are adorable and excited.

Untitled IMG_0071IMG_0072

I make it to the temple. You can enter part but then you have to pay…? There’s some renovations going on. The pond and such is behind a wall of course.


I’m tired and yet I still want to keep walking around here. I’m craving more rural areas instead of cities. It’ll be awhile before I escape any of that. It begins to rain. Gleefully, I open my new umbrella. Look how cute the pattern is!


Alas, another train ride back to downtown to the hostel. I officially check in and setup my stuff. I relax for awhile searching for somewhere to eat. It’s turned into a dreary night and soup sounds delightful. I pick out a place and am on my way to eat what must be my twentieth bowl of ramen. It’s a back alley dive (an alley of an alley) but it’s good.


I’m dawdling and want something sweet. It’s getting late and I know it won’t be the best but I remember those cute doughnuts I saw awhile back. It would have been better in the morning but look how cute!


Okay, okay, I’m pretty satisfied now. I walk back in the rain. Time for a hot shower and sleep.

Untitled Untitled



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  1. Christine Galica May 19, 2016 — 3:51 pm

    The bamboo tree pics is one of my faves and kobe beef?! Yummm


  2. I like that this place looks a lot like the Smokey Mountains


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