Train Day

Today I’m taking the train to Tanabe where I’ll then a take a bus to the start of my 3 day hike. But first I want to see another part of Nara and get some snacks. Except none of that actually happens. I don’t reach any new areas but instead I stop in a cute shop and eat an actual meal, as I like to guarantee one a day instead of snacks and cakes.


Basically I spent the morning dawdling. After an early lunch, I pick up my stuff and start train hopping. I’m unable to buy all my tickets at once for whatever reason and instead buy another ticket when I transfer. There is enough time in between so I manage just fine. There’s time for snacks of course.

I’m glad I left today instead of taking the train early tomorrow before the hike. It’s a long ride and I would feel stressed if I miss the bus or something. I start in Nara, then transfer in Osaka, again in Hineno, and Wakayama… and Gobo to finally land in Tanabe. There’s an easier route for double the money. I have the time and I try to keep some sort of budget.

I like trains.Untitled

It’s not a day for pictures. I stare out the window. I’m grateful to get a seat when I can. These are commuter trains so I stand sometimes. I gleefully catch a peek of the ocean and bummed that I’m on the opposite side of the train.

Untitled Untitled

Untitled Untitled

Tanabe Station – Stations in the area have themes and stamps!

It’s dark by the time I arrive. The hostel is close to the train station. I’m having trouble finding it. I keep walking down the wrong streets. It’s empty, quiet. Normally I like walking but I’m getting frustrated. I turn toward a main street to try to figure out where I am. It should be right here, right by the train station. It’s a small street that I missed. It’s a great feeling when you find where you’re suppose to be!

It’s a residential home turned hostel again. The hostel is empty but not locked. I walk in because I’m expected. There’s a note on the table for me that the owner has stepped out but will return soon. I make some tea. Another woman arrives later. And then the owner and another group. We’re all going hiking. It seems that Tanabe is not the place for tourists to stay.

We talk a little while and I show them photos of home, of how much snow we got last winter. They can’t imagine so much snow! I don’t show my photos often but it’s good to have.

I have a roommate but she cancels last minute as her friend is in another hostel or some sort of thing. My new roommate is adorable. The cat does not hesitant to crawl onto my lap and sit there like I have nothing else to do. But I do have other things. Food things. Untitled


I walk around and am unsuccessful in finding a convenience store. How is this even possible in Japan?! I do find a grocery store. However, I don’t pick the greatest options but it’s food.

Untitled Untitled


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  1. What unsuccessful in finding a convenience store?!? :0

    The only place that ever happened to me was in the middle of nowhere on a mountain xD


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