Drinks on the Kamo River

It’s raining.

It’s a good day to do nothing at all.

I want to show you a couple photos of the hostel before I leave. Look how cute!

Untitled 2015-11-02 10.07.36

Untitled Untitled

It’s time to go to the next hostel, Khaosan Guesthouse. I get turned about and end up buying some delicious doughnuts. Good lord, my breakfasts keep getting better. The guy working gestured to sit inside but the tiny space is not enough for my stuff. I’m just under the awning so I can eat the doughnuts without getting wet.

Untitled I also walk pass this cool shrine. 2015-11-02 10.41.32 Untitled

Now that I have energy, I find the hostel easily. It’s really close to the Nishiki Market, which is where I go for a snack.

2015-11-02 13.27.19

Some sweet potato veggie thing, yum!

Then I search for one of the recommended restaurants from the hostel. I’m having trouble finding it but I’m determined! Also, the snacks helped. 🙂

I finally found it tucked away in a corner of a small street. I’m seated at the bar and look over the menu. I’m not sure the difference between two dishes but spend the extra dollar. This will surely make up for yesterday’s sad shrimp! Except it doesn’t because there’s no shrimp here?! What I thought would be the usual tempura, shrimp and some veggies, is actually two kinds of fish, squid and some vegetables. It’s still good but honestly you never know what you’re going to get until you get it. Even then you might not be sure.


I’m stuffed. I walk around some more, looking at shops. Tokyu Hands is so cute. It’s an inexpensive department store. Besides the usual, there’s arts and crafts floor! You can make your own notebooks! Ahhh! Kawaii! Seriously, making a list all of the stuff I want. Must be good… Must resist…

It’s something like, run away with me to India

2015-11-02 16.04.11


2015-11-02 17.28.37

After walking around, I go back to check in properly at the hostel. I meet my two roommates. They’re both fellow Americans. We talk for awhile about Japan and home, usual things. It sounds like the one guy’s trip is a hot mess– last minute getting money and tickets to Japan and last minute train to Kyoto. It makes for a great story though. I suggest getting dinner because that’s all I’m doing today. We go for sushi nearby. It’s the conveyer belt kind. Check that off the list! 2015-11-02 21.11.59

Okay, we’re on a budget and it’s still early. What else is there to do but buy beer to drink on the river bank? We get beer but I don’t know… Can you drink in public? I’ve seen vending machines with beer so I assume yes. We people watch for awhile at the river and there’s a bunch of young folk around having a good time. One guy is trying to figure out an ice breaker… like saying some random anime phrase. It’s good for a laugh. What about he harasses someone and I jump in to save them?


We end up leaving the river and walk towards Yasaka Shrine since they haven’t seen it yet. It’s not the best idea to walk through a shrine with beer. We kept quiet mostly and there were only one or two people passing through. We didn’t stay long.

At the corner we restock on beer and I add a bag of chips to share. It makes the walk back to the hostel better. The one guy is into learning some Japanese so he can talk with locals. He flags down some guy on a bike waiting for the light to change. This poor guy is probably trying to get home after a late night! I hope he at least found it amusing, a good story to tell later. We used a couple apps to translate back and forth and the American showed him his sketchbook. He was trying to get me to make a local friend since I’m here for a month. The second roommate backed out of this conversation quickly and ditched us. So embarrassed! The Japanese guy gracefully and politely ended the conversation and bid us good night!



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