Lazy Day

Today is a lazy day.

I weigh my options for what to do in the next few days. I don’t want to spend much more time in Osaka. How far south should I go? I’d like to visit Himeji. There’s other places as well but do I want to spend all day on the train to get there? It’s hard to say. They are small places and potentially can find something similar closer. This is what happens when you don’t have a plan. A bigger screen would be nice for planning.

Things aren’t coming together that nicely. I decide to go see Himeji tomorrow and then spend the night in Kyoto instead of stay here another night. The receptionist tells me about a small town outside of Nara that’s lovely to visit. I make note of it as I hope to visit Nara next week.

I snack on more convenience store food and go for a walk. Earlier I did buy another layer to wear under my jacket. I’m not sure if I went over board with this. It’s not that cold. (Spoiler alert: it gets cold.)

I walk around different streets with no goal in mind. It’s a lazy day… I do check out some more nerdy shops.

There’s a restaurant I saw earlier that I want to try. I admit it’s the dishes that attracted me. I pick an udon dish when I normally would have gone with something else. It’s important to mix it up. Is it no surprise that I picked this restaurant? 🙂        2015-10-29 16.29.17

I didn’t do much else today. At night I ended up at Dotonbori. It’s close to Halloween and some people were wearing costumes. There was a place where employees were dressed as Mario and Luigi. Some stranger was dressed in light up underwear. I wasn’t expecting this at all. I mean you’d think Halloween would be fully embraced by the Japanese but it hasn’t caught on yet. I’m told Tokyo where you need to be for that. Oh well.


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