Castle and Ice Cream

I sleep in as much as one can. The hostel is booked up and in order to stay I’m bouncing around like it’s something to do. I pack my things because I’ll be elsewhere when I get back later.

Onward! There are cats! Cats that will sleep on cars and be super cute when you approach them. It’s a real life version of Neko Atsume, which I did download because Japan… and cats. 2015-10-28 12.36.10.jpg

I’m on my way to the subway to Osaka Castle. There’s mixed reviews but why not?  The receptionist told me it was recently renovated but mostly empty inside.

Instead of barging in, I stop for snacks as is tradition. Chestnut green tea ice cream, anyone? There was background music too.2015-10-28 13.18.02.jpg


I walked around the outside of the castle. The leaves are starting to turn but still too early for autumn. I decided to walk back since I had nothing else to do. It’s chilly so I stop for a hot drink, reminding myself to put on another layer once at the hostel.

Not far from the hostel, I spy some adorable jack-o’-lanterns! Yokai Watch and Totoro! 2015-10-28 15.08.312015-10-28 15.08.512015-10-28 15.11.39

At the hostel, I check my messages to make sure the Couchsurfing meet up is happening. It is! It’s much later but I’m hungry now. Add a couple more layers and I’m off to dinner!

I want to try okonomiyaki as it is a specialty of Osaka. I picked out a well liked spot in Dotonbori but can’t find it! Ugh! I’m wondering around for what seems like an hour before I spot it. There’s a long line as expected but it is good and filling! It’s made to order in front of you. The chef doesn’t plate it. You cut portions to put on your plate as the reminder stays hot. I wish I got the negiyaki (with the scallions) instead but there’s always next time.

2015-10-28 19.51.00.jpg

That took longer than I thought. It’s time to meet a new friend! I walk over to the subway we agreed to meet at because it is better than standing outside in the cold. Subway stations are like tiny malls– clothing shops, convenience stores, etc. There’s free wifi at stations, too. We exchange a few messages before she arrives.

She’s coming from work so we start with food. There’s always room for more! Hehe. She suggests another Osaka favorite, takoyaki. It’s something I wanted to try the first time in Japan but didn’t because I didn’t want to waste food. I’m not sure I’m a fan of octopus. Actually takoyaki is quite good and I’m glad I had someone to share it with!2015-10-28 20.59.13

We got dessert, too. 2015-10-28 22.00.02

We took some photos and she pointed out a neat tiny shrine within all this chaos of lights. After about an hour she had to go. It was a work night after all.   2015-10-28 21.37.002015-10-28 21.54.562015-10-28 22.17.35


I want to know the back story



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  1. I think we both know I am intrigued by “shrimp shrimp”


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