First Class Airport Accommodations

Look at this jerk, greeting me at the airport. I expect nothing less.

2015-10-26 22.06.03

I resigned myself to sleeping at the airport. There’s no point fighting to get into the city if everything is closed. While I trust nothing to happen on the streets of Osaka, it’s not that warm out. Suddenly, I have to wear a jacket not for sun protection but for warmth. What a novel idea!

I’m done with customs. There’s an information desk. I find an atm and as usual it dispenses large bills only, equivalent to shooting out Benjamins only. At first I thought it was the wrong amount as I foolishly expected a stack of bills in useable denominations. I’m back at the info desk asking what to do about these ridiculous bills but he didn’t understand the question. Why? Because Japan can actually give out change for any amount. You don’t understand what a luxury this is. Hotels in India could not do this.

Most of the airport has closed by now (midnight). My food options are McDonald’s, fast food curry and a convenience store. I go for curry and then head to the convenience store for a drink and snacks. There’s other people also spending the night here. I find a bench to stretch out on and attempt to sleep. There’s free wifi so I book a hostel for tomorrow night and map out how to get there in the morning.

I don’t sleep much which is no surprise to anyone. When daylight hits, I eat my snacks and look for the train. HyperDia becomes my new friend.


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