Thoughts on Cambodia

Actually, thoughts on Siem Reap as I didn’t go anywhere else. I had written notes but they got lost somewhere… /sigh.

Everyone goes for the Angkor temple complex and I’m no exception. If you can find quiet moments to explore a temple, it has some other worldly feel. On one hand you’re Indiana Jones or Laura Croft exploring an ancient temple for artifacts. “It belongs in a museum!” echos within the barren interiors. Or it could be you’re in some dystopian future.

Only thing is, they’re not ruins. It’s still very much someone’s place of worship. There’s the well kept shrines and fresh offerings. This is why they tell you to dress respectfully.

People are friendly even with limited English. Not that English is a big problem in their number one tourist spot. You don’t even need to exchange dollars.

The city center where all the tourists hang out has modern convinces that you want although not necessarily luxurious. The service at restaurants are great. Outside that center you’ll find nice homes or hotels next to less savory ones. The roads might be paved as you’re accustomed to or it could be dirt. I watched a guy “plow” the dirt road in effort to dig up the pot holes, even it all out. It’s amusing because at home people primarily see them removing snow.

I would like to rent a moped next time to drive around rural areas. I very much enjoyed the drive to Banteay Srei and Kbal Spean Mountain. Would have been better to stop for photos instead of the shaky ones I managed to get. How long that day would be! Stopping every five minutes for photos! Getting lost too! That’s all part of the adventure, right? Right.

I like tuk tuks. Sure, it’s not always a smooth ride and you’ll have a layer of dirt powdering your face but it’s fun. I’ll miss it in my future travels.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time for more. Cambodia was a last minute bonus added between trips. Angkor Wat was the reason I stopped in. It’s worth it for sure. I’d like to return should I find myself in Asia again… along with Myanmar… and a bunch of other places.



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