A Lot of TV Time

My flight leaves just before noon. I already told the receptionist last night so the tuktuk will be waiting. I pack in the last couple items. I have breakfast and I’m ready to go.

It’s my last tuktuk ride! Although it’s a dusty way to travel, I’ll miss it. I soak in my surroundings, knowing Japan will be very different. Very modern with no dirt roads or tuktuks of any kind. It doesn’t take long to get to the tiny airport.

It’s time to board the plane to Bangkok. Goodbye, Cambodia. Siem Reap, you’ve been very kind. 2015-10-26 11.43.09

Okay, I’m on a budget flight. I had breakfast not long ago. I have snacks. I have a book, podcasts and Simpsons episodes. I’m ready for this. The airline offers nothing. NOTHING. Unless you pay for it.

We arrive in Bangkok. I eat lunch knowing once again the airline offers nothing. I waste time at duty free, then walk over to the gate.

They weight your bag before entering the gate as though you didn’t just fly with them. My backpack is over the limit. She suggests putting some heavy items in another bag. I don’t understand how that works. Maybe the overhead bins are smaller than usual? I sit there for awhile weighting and repacking. Now instead of having my backpack and a slim book bag, I have two bulky bags to struggle with. They are pleased with this.

I board the plane to find that the overhead compartments are like any other plane. I promptly shovel as much as I can back in my backpack quickly. At some point in all this, I will discover, in Osaka, that I lost my hairbrush.


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