Shopping is Fun

Today is my last full day in Cambodia. I don’t have any site seeing planned but would like to buy a last minute gift. First things first, I need to replenish my supply of American dollars before leaving for Japan. There’s an ATM a block away or so google says and I walk in the hot sun towards it successfully.

2015-10-25 09.11.09
the highway that I keep referring to

On my way back I stop in at the local market that I keep passing everyday. There’s food of course along with any other item you may need in life. It’s a huge maze of stuff.

2015-10-25 09.10.562015-10-25 09.23.41

After a couple rows, I walk back to the hotel to sort through my things and pack my bag. Exciting stuff.

I take a tuktuk to downtown. It’s time to decide if there’s anything to buy for gifts. I have a silk scarf in mind for my mom so I head over to Artisans d’Angkor– another shop claiming to sell goods from villagers. They have demos showcasing how many of the items are made. This pattern is really pretty.

2015-10-20 13.42.182015-10-20 13.42.30

I pick out a different pattern for my mom and managed to avoid buying jewelry and other goodies for myself.

I pop in the tourist market and pick up a trinket to use as a Christmas ornament. At a shop outside the market, I spied a cute colorful scarf that I gift to myself. D’Oh! 🙂


2015-10-20 12.02.412015-10-20 11.45.55

I walk back to the hotel, knowing that I’ll buy more things later tonight. It’s my last walk to the hotel! 2015-10-25 11.50.502015-10-25 12.24.022015-10-25 12.18.52

Back at the hotel, I don’t do much of anything. Cool off, snack, see what options I have with Osaka… I make note of a couple places that may possibly work but more importantly where am I staying the next night, what do I want to eat.

The sun is starting to set so I hop on a bike to downtown for dinner. I go back to the craft market because the food was good and cheap. Plus, I should treat myself. I haven’t bought much. The lies I tell myself.

Here’s some of the performances. 2015-10-25 19.31.182015-10-25 19.38.392015-10-25 19.43.27

All in all, a good day. I leave Cambodia with a new wallet (haven’t used one in a year) and four scarves. Lovely.




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