Last Chance, Delhi

After getting off the train, we head back to the hotel where we started the trip a couple weeks ago. A block away we spot the Australian couple and let them know they missed out. I don’t think we convinced them. At all.

At the hotel, they let us have a day room where we can shower and such as not everyone was spending another night in Delhi. I, myself, have a flight to catch tonight. A shower felt amazing. I notice that the rooms our tour group got were much better than what I had at the start. I’m kind of annoyed that the hotel didn’t bother moving me. Oh well.

My phone still refuses to connect to wifi even here where it last was able to connect. There’s no hope for the phone other than to reset the network settings. I hope it works. And surprisingly it does. Internet! Yes! I use this time to confirm that I will be getting picked up at the airport. Not making that mistake twice.

Mom put in me contact with a coworker of hers that lives in Delhi. We’ve been planning to meet up and today is it. We’re meeting for dinner before my flight. I look up directions so pleased with internet.

My roommate and I go out for lunch. She is braver than I, who would have ate at the hotel. We got a couple recommendations from the receptionist and managed to find one of the suggested restaurants. We each pick some type of dosa and it’s a great way to end the trip. After lunch we check out a couple shops. I still don’t know what to get my parents and I expected to buy a boat load of things from India but it just never happened.

Back at the hotel, I double check everything is packed and electronics are charged for the long flight ahead. I say goodbye to my roommate with promises to meet up in New Zealand. I walk to the metro and head to the center of Delhi. It takes me longer than I thought to get there. The trains were crowded and I had to wait for the next one. I eventually make it there and meet not only my mom’s coworker but his wife and daughter too. They very friendly and wish I could have met them from the start, especially after that crazy ride from the airport. I’m amused that my last meal is western style. I suppose they weren’t sure if I enjoyed Indian food or not. It’s a shame really to miss out on a local restaurant. Regardless the company is great and the views too.

2015-10-18 18.27.02.jpg

More goodbyes… There’s been a lot of that in the last 48 hours. I hop on the metro for my last train ride in India.

I’m quite pleased with myself that I’m here early. I check my backpack because I don’t want to deal with it during my long layover. I get in line at security and wait.  And wait… and wait… I’m actually concerned that I’ll miss my flight. I’ve never been where security and customs would take so long. The line barely moves. In the end, I’m right on time for the start of boarding my flight. So much for my plan of using up the last rupees.

Goodbye, India and hello, Singapore.


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