Slow Day

There’s nothing planned for today. We have breakfast, our last meal with our group all together. The Australian and American couple opted to fly back to Delhi. They had enough for Indian trains. The other Australian woman was staying behind in Jodhpur where she would continue exploring India on her own. That leaves the tour leader, my roommate and I taking the overnight train to Delhi, where we end our trip.

We say our goodbyes and they’re off to the airport. The rest of us go see another Bollywood movie– Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2.  It’s what the tour leader wanted to see. I still think he could have left us with a different movie that would be more amusing. While we did understand the plot line, it’s the kind of movie that would be better understanding what everyone is saying. Oh, well.

My roommate wanted to buy one more gift for her family so we went back to Sardar market. We’re on the hunt for a painting. Our tour leader guided us from shop to shop as he asked people for suggestions. We end up at a shop that we would never notice because the front is being renovated. Mission accomplished.

We head back to the hotel and do nothing in particular. The hotel is pretty cool. 2015-10-17 16.28.152015-10-17 16.28.022015-10-17 16.29.34

There isn’t nothing to do. I have things to do besides repack. I finally sort out my next destination. I’m not pleased with my flight but there isn’t many options. I splurge and book hotel. My own room, how grand!

It’s getting late and it’s time to go. We say goodbye to the Australian and make our way to the train station. I’ve experienced overnight trains in China but still did not know what to expect here since half the group abandoned us. The train looks as it always does and the interior… Well, it’s not China. It’s not as nice as China. But it’s not as terrible as the others said it would be. I think they could not handle it because there’s no privacy. It’s like being in a hostel. My roommate takes the upper bunk in the aisle and I have the lower. Really I should have taken one of the interior ones like the middle bunk as not to face everyone’s movement in the car. I slept a little. I’m not great at sleeping while traveling.

The light streams in and we made it to Delhi.


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  1. That’s a unique painting. Very nice 🙂


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