The Blue City

After breakfast, we pack up our stuff and get into the minibus. We’re concerned because one of the windows is broken and we suspect the worst. Our tour leader asks the driver about it and sheepishly tells us that he accidentally locked the keys inside. And with that, we’re on our way to Jodhpur.

We don’t go there directly though. Our driver agreed to take us through the Bishnoi villages. It’s not so much walking through villages as it is a shopping stop. It is cool though to see how they make all the items. But alas I have no home to decorate with all these wonderful things. Otherwise I would have bought a rug!

2015-10-16 09.46.032015-10-16 09.54.562015-10-16 10.20.112015-10-16 11.09.48

After the detour we arrive at our hotel to rest and to eat lunch. Since a few people in our group are leaving at different times the next day, aka refusing to ride the overnight train back to Delhi, we’re cramming in one more fort in the afternoon. Tomorrow is a free day. Tonight is “oh my god where am I going next” kind of night. Yes, I waited this long to book a flight.

To keep with the color theme, we’re in Jodhpur, the Blue City. The blue isn’t obvious until you see the city from a distance. That photo is coming up. But first– Meherangarh Fort. We’re equipped with an audio guide and are set loose. A ton of photos await you:


After visiting the fort, we took a quick tour of downtown. We saw some blue up close but it fizzled out pretty quick. Our walk leads us to Sardar Market with a clock tower in the center. Our tour leader points out a spot with “world famous” lassi at the Shri Mishrilal Hotel and who are we not to have some? I tried a mango lassi earlier in the trip and it was delicious so I readily agreed. The lassi is good but like all desserts in India, it’s way too sweet. It’s something I couldn’t get passed in Istanbul and here in India, too.




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