We leave lovely Jaisalmer for the town of Osiyan and more camping. It’s not the same kind of camping. For starters, we’re going by bus. There won’t be a hut made of sticks storing all the equipment. Now that I think about it, it’s not camping at all. I mean there’s a dining hall and real beds.

2015-10-15 12.45.492015-10-15 13.02.392015-10-15 13.17.37We drop off our things before going to explore Osiyan. We don’t get any time to look around ourselves but it seems much smaller than the other places we visited. The American couple mention a temple they want to visit but the tour leader brushes it off that we’re going to a different temple.IMG_8515IMG_8517

There’s a holiday going on it seems because the place is busy. We get in line to visit Sachiya Mata Temple. Instead of going straight to the main interior, we stand off to the side where we can hear about where we are and avoid too much attention.IMG_8518IMG_8519IMG_8521

2015-10-15 17.18.13We head inside and find ourselves in the middle of prayer time or a celebration? All the religious sites I have visited so far have been empty and I’m not sure what other religions do for prayer. Pictures are not allowed here inside. Sitting below the line of people are others who are singing and chanting. I recorded it here because it’s lovely. People have small offerings that they leave near the altar. A blessing and then a person is ready to mark your forehead. It’s an organized line that quiclky goes through the small interior.

As we walk out of the temple, we’re stopped for photos as usual.

Driving back to our “campsite,” we see these guys hanging out.IMG_8526

It’s getting late. The sun is setting and it’s never disappointing. IMG_8531

And like yesterday’s camping adventure, local performers arrive. There’s singing and dancing, of course. At the end one of the woman does a balancing act. It starts slow with her balancing pots on her head but escalates when she stands on nails and broken glass. 2015-10-15 18.36.512015-10-15 18.38.442015-10-15 19.31.58


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