Out of the Desert

I’m still awake.

I watch as the stars fade. The sun’s light is dim and grows brighter before it even makes an appearance. The camels are chewing on the nearby plants and the crew starts their day.

  It’s cold so I make no attempt to get out of bed. Plus the bugs show up. Well, non mosquito bugs. I really want a real bed. The cot is uncomfortable.

Eventually everyone is awake and we talk about the dogs barking all night. The dogs make their way over, delighted. Some people pet them.

Breakfast is served. It’s a simple meal– bread, fruit and chai of course.

After breakfast, we clean up camp and get ready for the journey back to town. Our camels are waiting. I briefly wonder if I could walk  though it’s not as long of a ride this time.

This time I make sure to get a photo. I’m covered up because of the sun. I choose this over sunburn. 

 We walk through the same landscape so I didn’t bother with photos and enjoyed the ride. My roommate points out tiny melons that grow here. Super cute. 

 We’re back in town at the same hotel. A shower and clean clothes are wonderful. And food of course. We have the day to ourselves.

I walk with some people from the group and split up later. I’m infatuated with women’s fashion in India so I look for some tops. I think they’re all custom made because the off the rack ones never fit me as well. The shop owner is actually nice but of course pushes me to buy more. He calls over his tailor and they explain the adjustments he can make. We make small talk as the work is being done. Way different experience from my other shopping experiences.

Later we have dinner together but at a nearby restaurant instead of the hotel. It has a great view. Food is good too. 

 Their some confusion over the bill concerning my share. The waiter is wildly crunching numbers on a calculator. The tour leader had to jump in to straighten things out. And that’s the end for today.



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  1. Rich, Ela & Paulina December 18, 2015 — 7:15 pm

    We heard you are coming back this weekend. I’m sure that the chicken soup will taste REALLY GOOD. Will see you soon. 🙂 Rich, Ela & Paulina.


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