View From a Camel

We have the morning to explore and shop. We split up but somehow you’ll find someone along the way. I ran into the American couple and we went to look at textiles. Well, I went to look. Without a place of my own, it’s hard to shop.  

 I continue walking around till lunch time.  

After lunch, the day really begins. Today we leave Jaisalmer by camel. Actually I don’t know if we leave city limits but, whatever, we’re riding camels. 

We drive to the meet up point and get held up very briefly by some sheep.  

Here we are. Everyone picks a camel and we get instructions on how to get on and off and camel– lean back.  

We start walking into the “desert”. It gets sandy later.  


through a village!

The camel behind me likes to get the flys off by shoving its face into the side of my camel. I do not like this. 
 The rocking of the camel also makes it very difficult to take photos.    
We arrive at a nice sandy spot!  

As we were marching along, I kept seeing fancy camping areas. We passed all of them and stop at this quiant settlement. 

  They added mattresses and such later to make the cots more cozy. Toilet tent is over the dune and that hut it just for storage. Our camel guides start cooking up a delicious dinner as we do some exploring.  

Dinner is served just after sunset. The evening’s entertainment arrives soon after. They’re locals who make extra cash by singing and dancing for tourists. The women wear handmade beaded necklaces that they will gladly remove to sell to you. Two people in our group bought them. I’m sad now that I didn’t at least record their singing. It was lovely.  


another group rolling through
IMG_5682There was also rum. 

And grasshoppers (or similar). With a single light at our camp they came jumping about. Couple dogs circled our camp too but they didn’t bother anyone. 

After the performances, we talked about India and our countries. Somehow we got to singing our anthems. We Americans did a pitiful job. But all was well. 

We fell asleep under the stars. 

I tried to. I couldn’t get comfortable at all. The dogs kept barking at something and perhaps ate it once there was silence. The stars…! They were bright. It’s the first time I watched them long enoughto notice their movement. The constellations slowly move across the sky. I couldn’t find any I recognized till halfway through the night. 

In the early morning I thought of the three wisemen and how they followed the star through the desert.




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  1. I’m surprised the dogs barking bothered you…when you’ve slept with Lila and her shrieking

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rich, Ela & Paulina November 30, 2015 — 8:14 am

    We’ve been following your journey for quite some time. Where the camels well behaved? I heard that they spit when threatened. Hope you are reasonably comfortable. I’m sure you will be sad and yet somewhat grateful when your trek comes to a close. There’s nothing like the comforts of your own bed :-). Keep those pictures coming. Enjoy the experience and thanks for sharing some of it with us.


  3. I see you went with the one vs two hump camel ;].
    Miss you. Hope all is amazing.


  4. Beautiful place *^* totally enjoyed your article 🙂


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