Golden City

We start the day with a train ride. We share the car with a couple people who try to make quick friends with some of our group (the ladies). One guy at the station even plants his face right at the window to wordlessly stare. They all leave at some point and we have the car to ourselves, which is great because the ride is longer than expected. The train stops at one point for no reason and sits there for some time. We’re on our way again without explanation. Our trip leader is annoyed and hopes to arrange other transportation for future trips. Good luck! 


 Jaisalmer…! I do love cities with tiny alleyways. Jaisalmer is fun to walk around and explore but you can get lost easily. There’s no grid pattern here. Getting lost, on my part, is easy as you’ve read. 

So we’re here and there is a fort but much of the time is up to ourselves. Our tour leader gives us an introduction and brief walk around town. 

We stop in one of the old homes you can visit. 

 We go to a fort of course. Everything leads to a fort. 


the gate is full of bats but I only got this blurry photo

We move on and past some temples. 


We end up at a hotel/rooftop cafe. Sunsets are one of my favorite things. 


Time for bed… Here’s the hotel grounds. 



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