Evening Entertainment 

Guess what’s on the itinerary today?

If you said a fort, you’re correct! Today we travel to Bikaner to visit the Junagarh Fort.



Near the entrance is a set of hand prints in memory of all the wives. When the ruler of Bikaner dies, his wives are expected to throw themselves onto their husband’s funeral pyre. I wonder how many actually wanted to do this.   

In this fort you start to see European influence in the details– painting styles and the appearance of cherubs. 


These forts really do keep getting better. We go from seeing ruins to more well preserved palaces. 


gun swords… final fantasy was right

That’s the fort!

We check out the hotel next and get ready for our evening entertainment.  


We are having dinner at a family farm. “Family farm” is a loose term when traveling. It doesn’t mean going to some quaint, small family farm home. They are or were farmers who cook dinner for tourists. Either way today’s family farm dinner is awesome. 
When we arrive, they serve us an appetizer of pakora (fried vegetable balls) and play music. We relax and enjoy the show. Some people get dressed up and lots of photos are taken. The power goes out but it’s back on in a few minutes. A delicious dinner is served and the night is over.  




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  1. That fort looked beautiful. When you come back I expect a feast of evrything you’ve eaten while away. Or at least the good stuff.


  2. Your pictures look beautiful a great experience keep posting


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