Urban Decay 

At some point during the night, my roommate starts suffering from food poisoning. I offer whatever pills I have but it’s not much. We’re traveling by bus this morning so there’s no time to rest and recover. She gets better medience from someone else in the group who’s more prepared. 

Well, maybe Mandawa is not urban. It looks like a ruin though. Between beautiful old homes no one lives in to the grand dry up wells. Mandawa was a trading post way back when. Some people are trying to preserve and repair the homes and their frescoes. Others are maintained enough to live in during one or two holidays a year or let time rot it away. What a shame. It’s a great place to walk around and there’s only a few people out. This is one of my favorite stops on the trip. 

Our hotel is one of these lovely homes. My roommate won’t enjoy much of anything today as she promptly goes to bed. But before she does, the hotel offers her a bottle of codeine. Gotta love healthcare. 

Here’s what the hotel looks like… At least the inside. I forgot the front!


beds are so high!

Here’s the walk around town:


love the colors!






  Here’s the well. It’s more of a community space where besides refilling water, you could also bathe and gossip. 



old house people live in near the well



Next is a home being renovated. The first floor has been repainted.   















several people were flying kites from the roof top


Sunsets never disappoint in India!IMG_5621  


Castle turned hotel:   





The hotel at night:


My roommate is feeling much better thank goodness. 


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