The Main Event

It’s a crisp, cool morning. At 5am. We’re going to the train station to catch an early train to Agra. It’s one of the faster trains plus it includes breakfast. 

We arrive on time and check into our hotel. It’s nice. A lot nicer than Delhi. 


We freshen up and head over to Agra Fort before it gets too hot. Hotter. 

It’s an awesome place and cool stuff happened. The military still uses most of it. Google it. Enjoy the photos.  



Whew! Are you still with me? Because this post is just a whole lot of photos. 

After the fort, it’s just too hot. We ask the tour leader for lunch options. He suggests a mall across the street. 

That is the saddest mall. It’ll be closed any day now. Trip mate gets a sari and we return to the hotel to have lunch. 

You know what’s coming up. 

The Taj Mahal– everyone thinks it’s a palace or temple but it’s a mausoleum. People were jealous, let me tell you. Pictures!


the gate has to look just as good
trip mate working the red carpet in her sari
view of the gate from the Taj
there’s a river out back
guys love to pose


That’s all the photos. 🙂

After the Taj, we finally meet the rest of our group. I have a roommate now. She’s from New Zealand. I tell her about HGTV’s tiny house show. 


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  1. Christine Galica November 2, 2015 — 8:02 pm

    Whoaaa, the taj..I mean , damn that is majestic. Lol. Why do they love to take pictures of other people?


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