I can’t believe I’ve spent a month in China.  It’s my last day. I’m not sure what to do. 

My mom put me in touch with her coworker who lives in Delhi. We’re suppose to meet up and I would like to bring him something. That’s my plan. I’m going shopping.

I ask the receptionist about local food. She tells me of these flower cakes and that I can find them in the old town area. I’m still not interested in Lijiang’s so I head toward the bus to go to Baisha Old Town then back to Suhe Old Town again. 

Since yesterday’s trip back involved less bus time, I try to replicate it. The first bus shows up and it’s very crowded. I wait for the next. Other buses come and go. The strangest sight is a man with a hawk on his arm gets on the bus. I wonder where is he going and what purpose does the hawk serve once he arrives? No else appears to think this is odd. 


edge of town

I’m on the bus and surprisingly made it to my first stop– Baisha. It’s way smaller and less commercially developed than Suhe. There’s a main street for tourists and the rest is for local people. I like the tie dye cloth but what to do with it? Wish they would do the same for a skirt or something. 



 After looking around, I didn’t find anything. The bus isn’t here so I walk down the road to explore. There’s more homes and such. Signs to direct people to other villages. Probably cool to bike around  the area. I take a lot of dorky selfies. There’s a storm brewing. It starts to rain on my way to the bus stop.  

I get back on the bus to Suhe and again the bus is fine. I walk around first trying to figure out a gift for my mom’s coworker. I sample a flower cake and it’s not bad. They’re the kind of thing that would be easily crushed in transit. The other issue is I don’t know if we’re meeting at the beginning or end of my trip. I sample some tea and a kind of dried mushroom snack. 


Chinese love totoro
in the middle of all this, the people have vegetable gardens

locals have their own hieroglyphs

I give up on that idea. I buy another potato nest from the same old woman from yesterday. I search for something that my mom might like or well, for myself. I’m low on cash so it limits what I can choose. There’s a shop with some handmade slippers. The price is more than I have. Another shop has a woman sewing leather purses. I doubt the embroidery but at least the purse is made here. There’s a cute clutch.  

 It’s getting late and there’s still a few things I need to wrap up before my flight tomorrow. I get on the other Bus A toward the hostel and wonder what ever happened to Bus B?


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