Rocky Road

The guesthouse reminds me of Poland. Everything is made of wood and the rooms carry the scent. Out my window are the mountains and the light has yet to reach us.   

tibet guesthouse

 I go for a walk. I follow the road for awhile watching as people start their day with their animals wandering about. I notice the sun is beginning to shine on the opposite mountain range, the tops glowing orange.   

 There’s a road that leads down further into the village and toward the bottom of the gorge. I can’t see where it goes toward the river and I’m feeling a little lazy. I want more scenic trails and yesterday offered enough adventure near the river. I stop by Sean’s but everyone was too busy to notice.  

the village
I go back to Tibet’s to see if the couple is having breakfast. They don’t come down for awhile. I alternate between sitting outside and in my room. It’s so cold out without the sunshine. 
I spend the next couple hours trying to figure out my flight to Delhi. Do I fly out of Kunming? There’s more flight options and perhaps cheaper but how to get there? National Week is starting and the train tickets are selling out. It’s also eight hours to get there.  
owner’s parents? although he could barely walk, grandpa kept walking to spit over the edge

The couple finally comes down for breakfast and we eat together. We’re all taking the bus to Lijiang. There’s still time and I go back to planning. I book a night at a hostel in Lijiang. I find a great flight but really it’s already sold out. Ugh. There’s not too many options. I spend a little more to fly out of Lijiang. It’ll save time and my sanity. I book it quickly just as the bus arrives.      
the bus is on the edge of the road because rocks are blocking the way

Once in Lijiang, I’m pleasantly surprised that I remember the way to the hostel to pick up my backpack. I buy over priced drink from them and use their wifi to double check directions. The bus stop is across the street. Excellent. 
I get off the bus and the area gets sketchy as the sun is setting. Actually it’s not so much sketchy as the whole area is under construction. As always it’s hard to say whether anyone actually works on these sites. I manage to find my way to the hostel. The receptionist asks if I speak Chinese. Not again! He calls another person over who speaks English. 

 After checking in, he leads me toward my room and I run into two women from the Tiger Leaping Gorge! I guess we had the same idea to be away from the city. I join them for hot pot and I can’t stop eating the mushroom sprouts. So good. Hot showers are also good. 
Wifi works better in the common area so I go back downstairs. I work on backing up photos and a couple blog posts. Some guys introduce themselves and we start talking. 

I’m offered a beer. We’re friends now. We joke about America with chants of USA. Two are leaving tomorrow morning for Beijing and I offer him my metro card. He’s willing to pay for it but I think the beer is a fair exchange. I continue the conversation with a Chinese German. It’s late and the conversation winds down to the depressing thought that a home, children and college are too expensive. Oh, life is silly. 


It’s been a long day. 


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