Another long walk

We leave the hostel early to visit the Shaanxi History Museum. As they look for a bus to go downtown, I begin to wonder if they are concerned for me because they’re having a hard time getting around. They find the bus and mother finds me a seat.

People are already lined up for the limited amount of free tickets. We get in line and Mother shares some sweet bread with me because she knows I didn’t have breakfast yet. Mother buys a bunch of wired pendants a vender is selling and gives one to me. We get our tickets and go inside.

The museum is very crowded. They ask me multiple times if I want an audioguide and for a moment I thought one of the older sisters went to get one for me. She got one for herself. We agree to meet at the entrance at two.

Squeezing pass the crowd, I explore.

The museum is filled with ancient art but with the crowd I’m not sure how long I can last.

I go through all the exhibits and check the time. It’s only been two hours. Ugh. I can’t sit here for 3 more hours. I walk around trying to spot one of my friends. I find an older sister and tell her that they can stay but I’ll be leaving. She’s concerned. I point to the map where I’ll be going. Concerned still, she asks if I know where it is. I assure her that I do and she agrees to tell the others for me. I really wanted to get lunch with them.

I walk two blocks away to see the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. There’s a security guard yelling at a group of women who keep stepping into the fountain. I take a few pictures but I’m not feeling it.

I move on to one of the other sites and keep an eye out for snacks. I see a bunch of students going my way and follow them thinking who else knows the best cheap eats? Unfortunately they were going around the corner for gym class! Ugh.

I spot a place selling steamed buns. Yes! So good. I wish it was closer to the hostel!

 I continue walking… Walking…

  The entrance is awkward for the Daxingshan Temple as renovations are being done. This is one of my favorite spots in Xi’an. The city melts away and so do the tour groups. Most people visit to pray and light incense.


I sit for awhile to rest my feet and drink ice tea. In between worshipers, I take a peak inside each shrine. There’s the giant deities.

 Then there’s this depiction of hell.

 I continue on, not sure how big this place is.


Just as I’m ready to leave a large group of monks come out of nowhere and desend upon the center shrine. They begin to sing. I rest and enjoy the peaceful chanting.

  Back on the crazy streets of Xi’an, I head toward the last site for today– Small Wild Goose Pagoda.

IMG_5311-0It’s inside a park and although it’s smaller the atmosphere makes it so much better. There’s a tour group and they keep ringing the giant bell. That’s a lot of good luck.   IMG_5310

IMG_5312Are we there yet? The city walls are in sight. They make Pingyao’s quite petite. I’ll discover that another day.IMG_5314
 Through the walls and I stop for a snack break. There’s people waiting so I place my order. I won’t know what it is till I try it. It has a potato pancake taste to it but there’s corn, corn meal and carrots.

 Almost to my dinner spot I found online. Here’s the bell tower and there’s the drum tower. Got it?IMG_4964IMG_4966
There’s a man selling crazy long kites. How do you even start?!

 I go to the Muslim Quarter because I heard that’s where all the good food is. It’s madness.

And here’s dinner. I get some meat on a stick with fried rice and plum juice. It’s all good but I can only eat so much of the rice due to all the pickled vegetables.IMG_4978
There’s also plenty other food stands to explore. Some fresh stuff here.IMG_4971IMG_4979IMG_4981

I see the towers all lit up and  wonder about the walls. Why do I do this to myself? What’s another 10+ mile day at this point? A few more pictures and I’m ready for bed.



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  1. You should send a kite over here! Lol whoa that’s high! Steamed buns yummmm


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