Crazy Bus: The Opera

Today is surprisingly sunny. What happened to the rain? I use google again to find a restaurant near the 798 art zone. It’s more high brow (parrot greets you out front) but I see a couple Chinese men seated wearing shorts and sneakers. Okay. 


this area is more residential
The menu like the dumpling place is huge. I order braised beef with mushrooms and venison fried rice along with two sweets. (Boring) I was thinking a vegetable but didn’t want to waste food. The waitress was shocked that I wanted one of each dessert. Then again was I ordering a tray of each? I’ll find out. 
I was pleased that I received one of each dessert. I’m not sure what’s so strange. I’m not sharing. Also glad that I didn’t get more because neither appealed to me. Both dry– the white filled with bean paste and the walnut is, well, with walnuts. 


even the bathrooms become art
I’m full and ready to see some art! I check out a couple of galleries and like in Chelsea, it’s hit or miss. Instead I focus on the sculptures and graffiti. Not sure what issues arose between Beijing and Berlin but rest assure it’s over. 


i like that someone drew on the eyebrows
There’s a ton of shops and cafes too. Tour groups start rolling in. 

I try one of those yogurt drinks I keep seeing. It’s okay. I wonder briefly if they advise tourists to avoid dairy. It’s not refrigerated. 


is that really what you mean?


art and industrial decay




at first I thought it was one of those painted people who scare tourtists

 I stayed in the hostel long enough to get tickets to the Beijing Opera. I don’t receive them early enough to know what and where. I take the bus for the first time and am reminded why I don’t use buses. You never know where you are or where you’re going. I know I’m close and ask the attendant which stop it is. He tells me when to get off. It starts raining hard of course.

Luckily the rain is over soon. I have trouble finding the place and google maps refuses to give me any hints. Just make it in time as they present the history of the opera. 
It was interesting. The “female” voices dragged out the notes and I thought it was for comic relief but even the goddess sounded that way. I’m still not sure if all the scenes connect to one story but as soon as it begun it was over. The costumes were beautiful and the music was very simple and repetitive. The best scene was the princess (?) fighting to get the immortal herbs for her sick husband. It was for tourists, very obvious. Some of them left after the first scene! 

My left leg is bothering me so I decide to take the bus back as it involves less walking. Each subway transfer feels like walking a mile. Logic would say go to the stop opposite the one you arrived at. That’s not how it works. It’s somewhere down the street so I hop on the subway. Ugh. 

subway art

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  1. Amazing! Ha I love the photo with you and the street-art-birds; it’s as if you’re all in on some lovely joke or secret! The opera sounds like a lot of fun .. and so gorgeous, that backdrop and costumes 😀


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