Lazy Day, Wet Walk

I need a break. Sleep in. Stay in my PJs till noon. A more familiar breakfast would be nice too. 

I leave my camera at home because it gains a pound every hour. That doesn’t mean there’s no photos though. 

I leave around two, legs still feeling a little sore from the Great Wall. I meant to go to the art area–789 but being colder than I thought, I stuck with something closer. Beihai Park is a few blocks from the train station and is known for its white dagoda. 







  I don’t know what this is but go with it.   
I sneak a couple forbidden photos.   

Since my dinners the past two days have been kind of sad, I let google lead the way. I have some colorful dumplings at BaoYuan Restaurant. I order two types and the waitress asks me if twelve is enough. Really?! Both ended up with pork– the purple have cabbage and crisp rice while the white have zucchini, lotus and corn.  Yum! 




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  1. What I’ve gathered from your blog so far: Asians really love their cats. 🙂 What does lotus taste like?


  2. Dumplings look awesome, the picture of you “holding” the top of the building is funny 🙂 great to see you having such a good time! I want dumplings now.


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