Walking Through San Francisco 

I think I forgot to mention that the hostel not only serves breakfast but it’s on their lovely rooftop. 


Their breakfasts are similar everyday and is mostly Turkish. Hard boiled eggs in a salad or whole, roasted eggplant, cucumbers, cheeses, ham (?), bread, cereal, yogurt, sweets, fruit, etc. Watermelon is in season so I eat it everyday. Good fuel for long walks like today. 

I decided to go back to the area pass the Galata Tower to Taksim Square. It’s suppose to be trendy with cool shops and the nightlife of clubs and bars. It’s a lot of uphill walking hence the San Francisco title. I bought orange to get through the main up hill climb. 

 The main street is full of shops, mostly the usually types like H&M. There’s even a mall where you have to go through security to enter. Oddly enough many embassies are located on this street. A gaggle of police were all over one building as I was on my way out. 

I almost got hit by this street car. The tracks do not convey the actual width of the car. Children were hanging off the back, free ride I assume. 

 There’s a church here– St. Anthony of Padua Church. It has a small courtyard before entering the church. The courtyard is full of photos of the historical visit between the two religious leaders once in the 60s and again with Pope Francis. 

Taksim square contains the Monument of the Republic to celebrate the Turkish War of Independence. 

There’s not much else around or at least none I could see in the hot sun. I wanted to eat somewhere but Trip Advisor failed me– no maps. I wanted something off the main street but ended up in residential area. Oh well. Rested at the hostel with a huge bottle of water. I went out later and ended up at a dive, kind of like local pizza places at home. It was full of people and no hassling. There was one bold cat who would go so far as putting its paws on the side of a table to peer over the edge for scraps. 




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  1. Were you able to go to mass at that church you visited, or just a visit? It’s interesting to attend mass in different countries in their native language, at least to me.


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