Something old, something borrowed, something blue

Class ended at the ferry so I took the scenic route through the Grand Bazaar. 

Then I finally visited Sultanahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque). I wasn’t prepared so I had to borrow a shawl at the entrance to cover my hair. This place is huge.     

It was a great spot to rest and take in all the details. Here’s the courtyard. 



On my way out I tried to take a photo of myself and a guy offered to take it for me. Of course it’s not that simple. He wants a whole conversation and I just want to leave. And I did. That’s the thing with Istanbul, if you want to talk there’s plenty of people who are willing. 

I asked a fellow tourist to take one at Hagia Sophia. 

My intent was to go to bed early but I found new roommates. 



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  1. The photos aren’t working and I am sadden =/ Just the first. But I’m glad you finally got into the one you wanted too ❤


  2. Where’s your selfie stick for the times that you don’t want to talk to anyone? Haha ;D

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