Laundry Day and Other Exciting Things

Hostel rules say you can’t hand wash anything. My former roommate used a nearby laundry service so I dropped my stuff off in the morning and it was ready in three hours. Yay clean underwear!

I decided to check out Jennifer’s Hamam for Turkish towels as people on Trip Advisor rave about it. I expected it to be more expensive than other stores but it’s still more than I thought. The salesman said he could take me to the other store/warehouse location for a wider selection. I agreed because I read about in the reviews. The building has no signage or anything but inside it is very modern and bright. 

What was suppose to only be two towels was multiplying. I left empty handed for now to compare other shops and to see if I can cram any in till I have more items to ship. I wish Beijing would be colder so I can start layering clothes. Alas there’s still hotter weather to come. 

Istanbul is winding down so it’s now or never to try a Turkish bath. I made reservations for tomorrow at Kılıç Ali Paşa Hamamı. A couple cooking classmates recommended it. 

The tourists thing for today is the Basilica Cistern, also known as the Sunken Palace. Emperor Justinian had it built in 527 and no one knows why there are a pair of Medusa heads inside. 


There’s not much to see per se. It’s all about the atmosphere. Clearly the prefect villainous lair. From video games to Disney to movies… Heck, even the phantom of the opera would love to be plotting down here. 

There’s fish but I’m sure they can get sharks with lasers down here too.   

Nerd Alert: This one here reminds me of the End of Time in Chrono Trigger. All it’s missing is Gaspar.   

 I think I look creepy in the last photo. The place is probably haunted. 

There’s two restaurants with the same name across the street from one another. Did I pick the right one? Who knows. Slow night for both of them.    

One dessert was not enough so I got dondurma (Turkish ice cream). I read cherry is a classic flavor so I grabbed that and pistachio. Their ice cream is different because of some additional ingredients like salep. It won’t melt as fast and the texture is a little different. The cherry was quite strong– sweet and tart (like Polish syrup). The pistachio was more my style– lightly sweet and nutty. 



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  1. I like the look of the basilica. I know that isn’t suprising.


  2. Wow that basilica looks cool. I would be a little scared lol but none the less your pictures are awesome!


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