Turkish Flavors 

It was recommended that I take this cooking class and I was not disappointed. The meeting point was the Spice Market and I thought I was going to be late so I skipped breakfast. Terrible idea plus I ended up being there early! Ugh. 

The guide took us to one of the shops to try a few popular spice mixes– Janissary, Ottoman being the two that stood out. Tea was served of course. The owner went beyond the spices to advertise some other items in the shop like the various teas, Turkish Delight (good ones, we sampled), pistachios and scented oils. It all seemed quite nice but I haven’t figured out shipping yet. Definitely going back for the sesame seed covered pistachios. 

We hopped on the ferry and sailed across the Bosphorus to the Asian side of the city. Of course the views were fantastic especially of the Topkapi Palace visited yesterday.


I’m on a boat!
We were picked up at the ferry station. The neighborhood is Kadıkoy where the instructor lives. She’s been running the business out of her apartment for several years now. She reminds me of Lidia, fun and sassy. But really you just want to know what we made. 

The menu: 

kisir (bulgur wheat salad) 

carrots in garlic yogurt tahini dressing and zeytinyagli taze fasulye (string beans)

Muhammara (pepper spread)  

karniyarik (stuffed eggplant)  

kaymakli kuru kayisi (stuffed apricots)  

We prepared the eggplant first then moved onto the string beans. That garlic slicer is amazing. 


Cheese course to go with the wine. The smoked one reminded me of Oscypek.   


Muska borek which I forgot to take a photo of but you’ll see it on my plate.   
Once the table was set, we stuffed ourselves. It was delicious! After the meal, I finally tried Turkish coffee. It’s an acquired taste. My favorite dish would be the kisir. 


plate was filled with seconds



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  1. I am starving now! Yum looks delicious.


  2. BTW it’s wedge 🙂


  3. danusz this blog is awesome…the ehat salad looks great


  4. so much attention to detail! even the eggplant before being cooked looks beautiful. can you make this for me when you come back? :]


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