Years in The Making – Hagia Sophia

I’ve said it many times, one of my favorite things about traveling is experiencing what I’ve read about. Hagia Sophia comes up briefly in history class as Christianity is finally accepted and what better way to celebrate than to build stuff. Art History class goes on and on about the details. Honestly between earthquakes, invasions and lack of renovations, it’s amazing that it’s still standing. Hagia Sophia is a museum now, a ruin. 

There’s a bunch a photos so here we go! 

Entering through the Imperial Gate. “I am the door of the sheep; by me if any man enter he shall be saved.”
nave & dome
urn from Murat III
Dome’s inscription painted by Mustafa Izzet Efendi. “God is the light of heaven and earth. His light is Himself, not that which shines through glass or gleams in the morning star or glows in the firebrand.”


Don’t be fooled by the clothes. I’m sweating.
apse with the remaining of Mary and Child mosaic
cats don’t care that it’s a museum
painted wooden planks by calligrapher Mustafa Izzet Efendi

back to the narthex to enter the ramps that goes up to the galleries
view from the gallery

Deesis mosaic; Mary, Jesus and John the Baptist
chill out I’ll be back in three days


I spy the Blue Mosque
Emperor Constantine, Jesus and Empress Zoe


Mary and child with Constantine offering Constantinople on the right and Justinian offering Hagia Sophia on the left






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  1. Mom was worried about what you were wearing, boo at the sweating though =/

    Cat is the best. Best is cat.


  2. Hagia Sophia looks amazing. I am so jealous.


  3. OMG you saw Gil the Cat! I did not get to see him when I was there. Am jealous :-/


  4. Oh my gosh, the details on the ceiling and the patterns. The calligraphy. I’m inspired just looking at your pictures. Are you itching to do something creative right now? How beautiful.


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