Mosque Marathon 

After the Hagia Sophia, I had lunch that consisted of the driest chicken and stuffed zucchini similar to stuff cabbage. With a full stomach, I set out to make up for yesterday’s terrible sense of direction. 

I turned down the right street this time and hesitated once as I ran into the Grand Bazaar again. I can’t get away from these shops!


Finally arrived at the Süleymaniye Mosque! It’s a huge complex including amazing views of the harbor. I came prepared for the dress code and carried my shoes in. Once inside there isn’t anywhere to go. It’s a large open space and visitors can only walk in the area near the entrance. You can imagine what Hagia Sophia must have looked like in its prime. 

 Next– Rüstem Pasha Mosque. Do I ever choose the right path? Not really but I get there all the same. I decided I’ll need a pick me up and buy the most delicious freshly squeezed orange juice. This is not something to pass up. 

I’m in the market streets again but I’m high up so I can see the mosque ahead. 

I made it! Here’s one of the doorways. Compared to the previous one, it’s clear why I had trouble figuring it out yesterday.   


Despite the entrance’s looks, the mosque is lovely and peaceful from the chaos below. It was time for prayers so I waited along with a few other visitors. 


Since I was all the way here, why not visit the New Mosque? Despite its name, the mosque is 350 hundred years old. A baby compared to the likes of Hagia Sophia. It’s more decorative than the other two. 
I only logged a measly 10 miles today. Just a good stretch of the legs! When I got back to the hostel, my roommate and I went out for dinner. She’s from Korea and is in the middle of a three month trip she planned last year. She spent a month in NYC and told me about a bakery I need to try. 



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  1. Amazing interiors :]


  2. Your trip looks awesome so far! I love to read the blog.


  3. Looks amazing.


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