Maze Runner

Sun beats down as I walk through the maze of streets lined with shops. I made a wrong turn and all I can think about is Spain– My disastrous walk to the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. Unlike Madrid, I never made it to the Suleymaniye Mosque. It was probably closed anyway as I learned when I arrived at the New Mosque. Yes, there’s a lot of mosques. Just follow along. 

I did find the Spice Market where I will meet up for a cooking class. Also, the Rüstem Pasha Mosque but couldn’t figure out if it was open or active. There were shops and bathrooms attached which was odd. 

Speaking of odd, the waiter after lunch insisted he walk me to the Grand Bazaar. So we walked and talked about Istanbul and struggles of starting a business.


After giving up on the mosques, I walked across the bridge. Part of the underside has a bunch of restaurants and with the view and cool breeze it is hard to resist. 


there’s a hundred fishing lines hanging down
Once across you’re greeted with a steep unstable staircase. San Fransico steep. There’s probably another way but it could involve getting lost again. Plus I need to work on stair climbing for China. Up and up to Galata Tower. There was a long line so I enjoyed the music and watched a guy make lollipops to order. 


candy man making mini unicorn lollipops


1 of 4 people and still they forget my beer

After dinner, I walked back down another staircase and enjoyed the nighttime view from the bridge. I decided to play it safe and follow the tram tracks back to the hostel. After walking beside the old palace walls I was greet by the Blue Mosque’s call to prayer

Galata Tower illuminated
man fishing near New Mosque
the one I never found, Suleymaniye Mosque





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  1. Tim is currently sick and sounds like Bea Arthur. I had him read aloud the first sentence of this post. And yes, it sounded amazing.


  2. I’m drooling with all these pictures of food. If this were me I would be totally be okay with being lost and just eating my way around if I was lost 🙂 Did you try a lollipop from the lollipop man? That is really cool he was just standing there making them.


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