The First Longest Day

I feel like I took the boat to get here. Travel days are never ending and then instead of going to bed early, I roam the streets. Night photography can be quite nice. 

Landing in Switzerland, I could not help thinking I made a mistake. How could I skip over these gorgeous mountains?! It’s only been on my list for 15 years now… I watched the opening scene of The Sound of Music because there’s no other soundtrack for the Alps. 

Goodbye Switzerland

My backpack is full so I skip the $35 chocolates. My backpack is heavy. 

I’m trying to read through Socialism is Great!, desperate to drop some weight. Chapter 16… Almost halfway there. 

Hello Turkey!

Maybe I slept for 30 minutes, maybe not… My track record holds true. So far jetlag is okay. 

I’m annoyed with Istanbul. How does the metro not accept credit cards? To make things worse the machines only accept small bills which the ATM does not produce so you have to buy something. You know how it is at the airport.   

The tram ride through town was uneventful. The buildings uniformed, I searched for small details that would reveal  the city’s age. Nothing changed until you reach the inundated area of tourists. The Blue mosque to your right and the Hagia Sophia to the left surprise you along with all the cats. There’s a lot of cats. 

The hosts of restaurants like to call out to you as you walk by. Sometimes even random strangers and this is where NYC kicks in. Do not acknowledge their presence. My resting bitch face is serving me well here. 


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  1. okay, this post made me laugh more than a few times! haha! hopefully you are warming up and not using the resting bitch face TOO much 😉 except with the pushy sales people!


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