What to pack?

After asking where and when, people want to know how do you pack for a long trip. Many experienced travelers will say to pack  lightly as though you’ll be gone for one or two weeks. I’ve managed to keep it to a carry on suitcase before but there was the luxury of it expanding for future purchases and very little lifting. This is going to be different, very unpleasant. 

I decided on a backpack after someone recounted their trip to India with her friend’s rolling suitcase smelling like shit the entire time. It’s a big selling point. I know a backpack will be easier to carry up and down the thousands of stairs I’m bound to come across but I’ll still be jealous of people rolling along the airport. 

At the time of writing, my backpack weighs 20 pounds. Plus my daypack. I’m trying to figure out what can I toss. Already at the bare minimum for shoes (2 in the pack, 1 on my feet) and clothes can’t really weigh that much. Maybe it’s the toiletries? 

As you can see, there’s nothing scientific about my packing method. Just bring all the stuff together. Then sort it out!    

Just keep sorting… Actually try on the clothes you pick out. Sometimes things just don’t go together. I’ll repack again tonight. 



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  1. With all the destinations you are heading to, it makes perfect sense that you’re taking along backpacks. It will make it easier for you too when you’re storing your bags in lockers and storage rooms as well. Also remember that if you forget anything or missing toiletries for instance, you can for sure purchase them in the country you’re in. Sometimes you won’t be able to easily read the labels but happily most packages LOOK like what they’re supposed to be. 🙂


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